Wednesday cont.

After thinking about this today I realized that part of the reason I’m doing this is to talk about mental health. I have mental health issues as I’m sure do a lot of people out there do. I hope that I can shine a light on this topic for people lucky enough to not have mental health issues or think that depression isn’t real. Also for people that struggle in silence believing that they alone suffer with these problems. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation about these issues with friends and family etc. You never know who is struggling. This is a serious problem in this country and it shouldn’t be, for crying out loud we are living longer than we ever have, we can most anything we want by pressing a button but are also the most unhappy we’ve ever been. It’s crazy.

That’s all for now, until next time.


Welcome to my blog I guess. I’ve never done anything like this so I’m not sure where to begin so I’ll just start with telling you a little bit about myself.

First off I WILL be telling whoever reads this a lot about myself and my personal life, but, I won’t be using anyone’s real names for the sake of anonymity.

I live in a small town in Massachusetts, lived here all my life. I’m married to, in my opinion, the greatest woman in the world. (Biased obviously 😜) we have no children not for lack of trying wink wink haha. Children aren’t in the cards for us, medical reasons that’s all I’ll say. We have the sweetest dog ever and she is the center of our lives. My wife works for a medical supply company and I am the custodian at my public library.

I have 2 older sisters ( yes I’m the baby) and my mom. My dad died about 20 years ago. Story for another day. Had a decent childhood, dad made good money we didn’t really want for much some would call us spoiled. Maybe we were but 3 very humble level headed people resulted in this upbringing so it could have been worse. Meaning we could have stayed spoiled little shits permanently. Overall we’re just your average American family for the most part. My sisters and I all got good grades and got into good colleges. That’s where life really starts though isn’t it. At least in that age frame, not everyone gets the opportunity to go to college and for them life starts a little sooner as well as those of us who never finished. Another story for another day.

So that’s an extremely abridged story of my life.

So…….why am I starting a blog.

Sometimes, or a lot of times or maybe all of the time regular working class people like myself feel stifled and like we have no voice. The world knows all about the fucking Kardashians and the other 1 percenters of the world, people know all the Instagram “influencers” of the world. Who gives a shit about the janitor though? Not myself and my fellow custodians necessarily….I’m talking about your garbage man, or letter carrier or bartender server etc. Generally speaking the people who wait hand and foot on their fellow human beings without any thanks and we do it every day. I’m getting off topic. People like myself just want a little appreciation but that’s not really the point of my blog, as a matter of fact I’m not even really sure what this blogs identity is yet. I’m not looking to be an advocate for the working man, I’m just telling the tale of one working class person.

So at least for the time being I’m just gonna talk about my everyday life and whatever that entails. I’ll probably voice my many frustrations or some funny shit I saw that day or whatever.

To anyone who reads this thank you for listening.