Thursday September 12th

I’ve been blogging for awhile now and although it’s been cathartic for me to write down and express some of the things that I go through day to day I feel like I need to try and reach a wider audience otherwise I can’t really help anyone. To those of you that have actually read my posts you know that I focus alot on my day to day struggles and triumphs as they relate to mental health issues. I feel that as a normal-ish blue collar regular guy my experiences might help others like me with their own struggles and hopefully help them to feel like they are not alone in this. My hope is that I can help people, even if I only reach one person out there I have succeeded.

Just now I have made a Facebook page with the same title as my personal blog in the hopes that I can reach a wider audience. Unless I did something wrong setting this Facebook page up, I hope to stay anonymous. That may not be possible if I hope to reach a wider audience, we’ll see.

So, if there IS anyone who reads this blog please visit my Facebook page and please spread the word.

As always, thanks for listening talk to you all later.

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