Friday August 23rd

Hey there everybody, happy Friday. Today is my wife’s birthday, and just like every year I start to think about our lives together so far. This year is no different, but I want to illustrate how she’s affected my life from a mental health perspective.

We have been together for 16 years, for a lot of those years she had many reasons to pick up and go. I was not an easy person to love for a long time and I really don’t know how or why she did it. The only answer I can come up with is that she always saw more on me than I saw in myself.

She came into my life only a few years removed from my fathers suicide, during which I was a hardcore addict. Countless times I lied to her about where I was and what I was doing, knowing full well that she knew exactly what I was up to. All the times I spent money that should have gone to bills or groceries. She stuck with me anyways. After those days were over my mental health problems started to surface and I know her life became even more difficult at times. From my angry outbursts to my crippling depression. There was a point that she was one of the only people that I hadn’t driven away. I look back on this and it makes me smile. I smile because I realize exactly how lucky I really am to have her.

Years later and I have come a long way, the mental health stuff is still there, but, I have learned to manage it a little better. One thing that has made more of a difference than all the meds, all the counseling etc is her support. She stuck with me and held me up all these years. I can honestly say that I don’t know if I’d even be alive without her love and support.

As an individual putting in the time with therapy and taking your meds everyday don’t matter, in my experience, as much as having that love and support at home. So if anyone actually reads this and has their own issues with mental health, remember to keep the ones that love and support you close. You can’t help yourself without them.

That’s all for today, thanks for listening.

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