Sunday 6/30

Weekend is over, back to the grind tomorrow. Had an interesting weekend…it got off to a good start Saturday morning. Cut the grass, and was even gonna trim all the hedges. To trim said hedges I wanted to use my moms electric hedge clippers. I knew this would come at a price. Smh. It would have been nice if I could have just grabbed them and gone, but no. She asks me to fix her toilet, ok no problem it was an easy fix. Oh and while you’re here can you put my AC in, ok no problem. Can you tear out the rotten boards on the little ramp that goes to the shed and clean out the shed, ok no problem.

So after all is said and done it’s like 2 hours later and I wanted to do this all quickly, get home, and finish my yardwork. Not in the cards I guess. She wants to sit and have some watermelon, ok no problem. Keep in mind that my sisters and I have a complicated relationship with our mom. Somehow this turns into her basically bitching about one of my sisters the whole time, I’m trying to get her to just let it go. I could go into detail about all of it but it’ll take too long lol. After the failed therapy session I realized that without the help of my medications, I would have lost my shit with her and caused world war family drama, which is exactly what she wants. I love my mom but she’s a black hole of drama.

When I finally escape she seems mollified so that was a relief. The bitch of it is I leave exactly as the storm is starting and holy shit!! Damn near golf ball size hale pelting the shit out of my car. When one hits the windshield it sounds like glass breaking. Needless to say my plans were shot.

That’s about all really, I am proud of myself though. I’ve come a long way since I started my therapy, meds etc. There were times that were pretty dark for me and if it wasn’t for my wife I don’t know if I’d be here. Btw, you’re gonna hear that alot. The fact that I can talk to my mom about real shit and try to work things out without going nuclear is an accomplishment. It wouldn’t happen without a lot of hard work on my part and support from my loved ones.

A lot of my remaining families issues stem from the loss of my dad, that’s a subject I’ll be covering in a few weeks. That’s all for now.

Talk to you all later.

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