Friday 6/28

This has been so much more of an inconvenience to me than I ever thought possible. I’m referring to a kidney stone, yes a kidney stone. Anyone ever have one? Holy crap. Mine was particularly annoying because I couldn’t pass it and had to have surgery to remove it.

This little fucker has caused me so much freaking pain and missed way more work than I thought. So I had this procedure done almost 2 weeks ago. Part of the process is they leave a stent in there to make sure that there are no blockages due to swelling. The upside to this is that during the initial surgery I was put to sleep, having the stent removed…..nope.

Probably one of the top 5 most awkward situations I’ve ever been in. You go in the room, strip from the waist down and you get a little towel to cover up. Next, the attractive nurse comes in and has to apply this numbing agent on there and betadine all over my joint. So as a guy of course I have a quick flash of a penthouse moment with the cute nurse. I digress. After the stuff is applied to little willy you sit there for 10 minutes alone and naked in this room. Then the doctor arrives. He proceeds to insert a freaking camera!! You know those claw machines at the arcade? Well…this camera apparatus has something similar. Talk about awkward..having this done in a room with 2 total strangers!!

Anyways….this chapter of my life is finally over thank goodness.

Just figured I’d share that experience lol.

Talk to you later

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